Monroe Select Youth Basketball

Welcome to Monroe Boys Youth Basketball


We believe that champions are not born they are made thus our programs philosophy is “Build Success”. As teachers of the game we must teach principles that will enhance lifelong success for our basketball players on and off the court. Coaches are able to teach in the unique environment of athletic competition. This provides the opportunity to teach interpersonal and organizational skills, as well as leadership, and life skills. Students have the opportunity to enrich their learning with the "real-world" experiences of being on a team. Seizing these teaching and learning situations is a priority of all those within the "basketball family".           


Our main objectives must revolve around making basketball personally rewarding for everyone involved. Members of the program must feel as though they are a part of the "basketball family". The coaching staff must understand that success is not always defined by winning and help their teams to set appropriate goals. These goals should remain a constant source of motivation and must be regularly revisited to move students forward. Our coaching staff will remain positive and supportive of all our student-athletes. Positive relationships are critical between the students, parents, staff, and community. Through this relationship we can build trust, respect, and an open line of communication in which everyone involved has a clear picture of each student-athletes' role within the team.

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